heat transfer labels

The technology used to manufacture Heat transfer labels the main reflective sheet is cover up by glass beads for this type of label printing. it can be applied to any fabrics, clothing fabric etc. We are manufacturers of reflective heat transfer labels as per your design and dimensions. You can place them on any and every item! Everything is 100% custom to your needs ensuring your logo, lettering, and colours are as accurate as possible. All our labels come individually cut and finished (most from offshore come on rolls and you have to cut them yourself


  • Excellent service;
  • High quality and resonable price;
  • Professional techniques and advanced equipment;
  • A long history and rich experience.


Manufacturer & Exporter of Reflective Heat Transfer Label & Reflective Heat Transfer Labels. Our product range also comprises of Reflective Tape, Reflective Fabric and Reflective Heat Transfer Film. We also have in stock over 2,000 designs in categories that you can choose, and any design can be modified in any way to serve your needs.


We are the direct manufacturer so we are able to give you the fastest delivery in the industry! Normally we do final art layout to size and after your approval we go straight to production.. Please note that there are many stages/steps in a woven label – from design, pattern, set up on large looms, weaving, slitting, cut & fold, packing, invoicing, shipping, etc and quality control at every stage. A lot goes into Woven labels and we want to make sure your labels are perfect at every stage of the process. There might be someone from China whom can do your labels a bit cheaper, but remember – is it really worth it to take the chance for poorer quality and longer delivery than they promise. Plus, don’t forget there are hidden charges in delivery, duties, etc!